The Clements, Whittens and Zweifels spent Thanksgiving week at
the Clements' beach house in Duck, NC celebrating the holidays. Sadly, Tim's mother, Merthyl had passed away a few days earlier, but she had been very ill in a nursing home for a number of years and had such advanced Alzheimer's that she didn't really recognie anybody, so the decision was made to go ahead with Thanksgiving. However, the Saturday after everyone traveled to the Clement's home town of  Crewe, VA for Merthyl's funeral. It was a very lovely ceremony, with many friends and relatives in attendence. Tim and his brother gave eulogies, and we all traveled to the cemetary for the commitment ceremony. A sad but heartfelt farewell to a really wonderful and kind person!

Here are a number of pictures from the beach house:

Miles and Tim in pensive mood, followed by an even more pensive Zach:

Mac was always playing with his football:

What are he and Nick looking at?

Jimmy and his dad:

Jimmy and his guitar:

Jimmy similing:

Kathy finds something funny:

Christen joins in the joke:

Maybe they're laughing at Oliver, the Clement's new dog:

Isn't he a lovey-dovey?

Katie and Christen:

Miles, Oliver and Christen:

Christen and Sarah:

Katie joins them:

 Sarah always has a smile on her face. Nicl is bemused:

Kathy found something else to laugh about:

Nick with his happy grandmother:

Kathy gets a little more serious when two more grandsons
join her:

Miles and Kathy are certainly amused at something or other:

What's going on out there?

Tim, Christen and Miles:

Nick and Jimmy: Stare wrestler compares moves with
star QB:

A tavola: