Burning River Brass visited Blacksburg, Oct. 7 

BRB gave a wonderful concert as part of the Virginia Tech Chamber Music series on Thursday night, Oct. 7. The crowd gave them a standing ovation.

The night before we had a bufffet dinner at our home for the group. Here are some pictues from that evening:

Half of the trumpet section, Dave Duro and Heather Zweifel in our living room:

And here are Heather and Feza (the stalwart percussionist and arranger of many of BRB's pieces). That's Kathy in the background:

Matt Gaunt, the tuba player, has been a member of BRB since it was formed:

Becky Ciabattariis also a long-time member of the group. (She plays trombone and euphonium.) She's enjoying the evening breezes on our back deck. Behind her you can see one of the two lots we bought last May to ensure that our view would not be obstructed by construction:

Dave Mitchell (left) is a trombonist; Justin Emerich, right, a trumpeter:

A scene in our kitchen. Left to right hornist Greg Miller, Kathy, Becky and Brian Buerkle, trumpet (barely visible):

Gotta have that cake: