I went to visit the Evan Zweifel family in Fort Collins. Their friend Sam drove up from Boulder for the evening in his new Toyota convertible. Here he is in front of his car with Spencer and Bailey:

We all went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Here are three pictures taken outside it:

(Spencer, Kelly, Bailey and Evan)

I joined them for this picture:

And her are the Mom and Dad all alone:

Spencer's a big boy now, but he still likes to sit on Mom's lap:

On May 9, Mother's Day, we went to Denver for a wonderful performance of LaTraviata. Here are Evan, Kelly and the kids dressed to the nines waiting to go in:

Spencer had a little time to kill before the performance started, so he honed his climbing skills:  

Violetta was sung, brilliantly, by Met Opera diva Elizabeth Futral; the performance was conducted by her husband Steven White (who got us wonderful seats).  Elizabeth and Steven invitred us all backstage to visit after the perfomance.  Here is Elizabeth with Evan, Kelly adn the kids:

And here's Elizabeth with the kids in a picturer that didn't come out too well:

Two pictures of Elizabeth and Steven with Zweifels in the background:

The last day I was in Fort Collins I went to a presentation on World Peace given by the fifth-graders ast Dunn School, where both Bailey and Spencer are students (Baily in fifth grade, Spencer in first). The presntations were audio-visual affairs, and the kids really did a great jopb. Here are a bunch of pictures from the presentations, some of which Bailey was involved in and some not.

(The smaller kids on the floor are kidergarteners there for the presentation)