Evan Zweifel  and his wife Kelly live in Fort Collins, Colorado. Evan works for Hewlett-Packard, where he uses his University of Colorado Ph.D. Their two children are Bailey aged 20 and Spencer age 16. Bailey is a sophomore at the University of Chicago, majoring in lingistuics. She has long been interested in languages and taught herselt Japanese while in high school, followed up by a trip to Japan where she got along quite well. SHe also speaks French quite well; her high school required a senopr thesis for honors certification and she wrote it, in French, on the Offenbach opera Les Contes d'Hoffmann. Spencer is a sophomore in high school and very into music. He plays piano, tuba and trombone and is in the school band, the jazz ensemble and who knows what else.


Bailey in her prom dress:

Spencer with their dog, Kayak, and below with his

baseball team:

Bailey in her new sundress with her friend Haley:

Some pictures from Halloween:

Bailey as a witch with her mother and               Spencer as his, and America's, favorite pastime
friend Hayley.                                                      with Hayley and Bailey.

When it snows in Fort Collins, the kids have snow days which they occupy building snowpersons, dressing as cowboys and playing with legos.


Bailey and Spencer with Snoopy at an outdoor museum near Fort Collins:


Bailey and I went to Central City Opera for the children's performance of La Boheme. We also found time to make a little music of our own:

And we went fishing in the beautiful Poudre River, but didn't catch anything. Perhaps Bailey's bright yellow coat scared the trout away:

        Bailey at the closing concert-ice cream social of the 1903 style school she attended
                during the summer of 2000. Kelly made the 1903 costume.
And here is an example of what Bailey might have learned at the school:

"So down with every Metric scheme
taught by the foreign school.
We'll worship still our Father's God
and keep our Father's rule."*

*Kelly actually copied the poem from the blackboard of a 1903 ca. schoolhouse in Park City, CO.

Evan, Kelly and the kids avidly watching as the Avs win the Stanley Cup. This was our last visit to Breckenridge  June. 2001. While there we sold our condo:


And here's Bailey ready to go fishing the next day. (We caught a couple of nice rainbows in the Blue River, but it was slow, being early in the season.)

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Bailey Zweifel has a new dog, named Kayak:

Fort Collins Snow Storm 2006