Feza Zweifel and his wife Heather are musicians. Feza is principal tympani of the National Arts Center Orchestra (Canada's national orchestra based in Ottawa, conducted by Pinchas Zuckerman.) They still own a home in Cleveland, Ohio, where they lived for many years and Heather, a trumpeter,  spends a portion of her time there as she still does a lot of music-making in the Cleveland area. She has also subbed several times in the orchestra in Ottawa.Feza was a founding member of the chamber group Proteus 7 (no longer acrive) and he and Heather are the founding members of Burning River Brass, both very active in the concert arena. Look for their CD's, all on the Dorian label. email feza
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Click below for more info on Proteus 7 and Burning River Brass:

Proteus Seven:                                   Burning River Brass Web Site:

For Your Ears Only: DOR-90258         Of  Knights andCastles: DOR-90277
Cha Cha Lounge: DOR-90266             Russian Carnival: DOR-90293
Bernstein Tribute: DOR-90278             Romanza Espana: DOR-90316
Dracula: The Seduction (A ballet by     Christmas  around the world
Tony di Lorenzo): DOR-90283                 Twas the Night before Christmas

More recordings are in the works.

To hear audio samples of Burning River Brass, use the Burning River Brass link above to go to their website, click on Knights and Castles CD and then on Amazon.com.

You can add your personal reviews on any of the websites where the CD's are for sale.


Below is a picture of Heather and Feza in front of their house.

They have spent a couple of summers a few years back painting the exterior:

Here are some Thanksgiving pictures of Feza and Heather from 2001:

Feza "al tavola." That's just his first helping. You also see him relaxing after the meal with Nicholas and Tim Clements. I think they're watching "Teletubbies!"

This year, 2003, Feza and Heather arrived for Thanksgiving a couple of days late (Heather had a gig the day after Thanksgiving). Feza did find time to give Jimmy Whitten a music lesson while Bailey Zweifel seems to be singing along.


Hobnobbing with celebrity athletes must run in the family:
Feza met Ernie Els when he and Heather visited the Clements in England recently.

For pictures of Frodo, Heather and Feza's darling dog, click here.   Fodo
For Burning River Brass' trip to Blacksburg (October, 2004) click here. B R B