Snow in Fort Collins
(All pictures courtesy of Kelly Zweifel.)
Kelly sent us some pictures from the December snow storm on Fort Collins. Fortunately it hit after Burning River Brass was there for its concert. After the Concert Feza and Heather got together with their nephew and niece, Spencer and Bailey:

Perhaps inspired by her virtuosa Aunt Heather, Bailey has taken up the trumpet in addition to percussion:

The snow is almost as high as Evan:

Kayak helping Evan shovel:

Some shots of the front yard:

Here both the front and back yards:

Naturally, a snow cave is essential, not only for hibernating polar bears but also for Colorado kids:

So the had a white Christmas! Here are some Christmas pictures:

Evan must be opening presents, but it's hard to tell what Santa brought. Coal?

Santa must have brought Evan a crossword book:

A gingerbread house is an essential, not only to Hansel and Gretel but also to a white Christmas!