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(Heather and Feza's new puppy.)

New Pictures of Frodo; see how much he's grown.

Aren't they peaceful!

Lions sleep 20 hours a day. How about dogs?

Maybe he's sleeping off all that beer.

Sometimes they stay awake:

He's so happy when mamma feeds him:

Kathy and I recently spent a week (Feb. 2006) in Cleveland doing supertitles, and stayed with Feza, Heather and Frodo. Here are some more Frodo pix:

Feza gets so exhausted trying to keep up with Frodo that he conks our on the kitchen floor.

Feza and Heather were teaching at the Roanoke Youth Symphony at Ferrum the week of June 1, 2005. They left Frodo with us and commuted back and forth to the camp most nights. Frodo had a great time playing with Monty, Coach Joel Hick's little dog. Coach Hicks, who is one of our townhouse neighbors, is the retired football coach of Pulaski High, where he won over 300 games and sent who knows how many players to the pros including Gary Clark, wide receiver for the Redskins a number of years ago; Pearson Prioleau, Tech All-America now  defensive back for the Redskins and one of our neighbors in Heron's Landing; Shayne Graham, another Tech player who is the Bengals' place-kicker (and also a neighbor); and Todd Grantham, another Hokie who is now defensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns.
Feza walking Frodo outside our townhouse:

Heather musing:


Kathy, Feza and Frodo enjoying a little TV in the bedroom:

Frodo was lonesome for his mommy and daddy while they were away working, so they bought him a little companion:

Frodo with his mommy and daddy in the kitchen:

We celebrated my birthday early: on the cake below each candle represents 19 years:

Pictures of Frodo taken on our deck in June, 2006: