In the 1950's when I worked at the Knolls Atomic Power Lab in Schenectady, NY I lived next door to an infant named Jeff Blatnik. Jeff won the olympic gold medal in 1984 (aged 27) in Greco-Roman wrestling after battling back from a bout with cancer. He just died this past October at age 65. Here is my grandson Nick who has started a successful wrestling career in eighth grade at his school, Ravenscroft.

Katie, Tim and family moved from London to NC in August, 2008. We are happy to have them closer to home. They are also happy to be near Katie's sister, Christen Whitten and her family. During a recent visit their, Zach caught some fish:


The latest Clements pictures (November, 2006):

Clements family

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They moved to Raleigh from Ascot. Click here and here for pictures of them and their new house in England, which is currently up for sale.

Some pictures of a July, 2005 visit to Radford:

Nick and Zach love to play cards:

<Clements familyempty>

But they love TV more:

Clements family

Clements family

Katie's high-school buddy, Susan Rojas, came over for dinner. Here she is with Zach:

Clements family

They left headed for Richmond to visit "JimmySarahMac" (one word).


Zach's and Nick' school pictures (somewhat old):

Clements familyClements family

They are both now attending private schools in NC. school. Zach, 15, is in ninth grade at Cardinal Gibbons High School where he played cornerback on the freshman football team and point guard on the basketball team. He was a soccer star in England, but has now given that up. 

Nick, 12, is in seventh grade at Ravenscroft (alma mater of Duke basketball star Ryan Kelly). Nick played football, but has turned out to be a star wrestler, winning all of his matches by pins, some in as few as 20 seconds!

Here's Nick's first school picture and a picture of Zach dressed up as a fireman that was also taken at school:

Nick with his "Babbo" (that's what he calls his grandmother) and Zach underneath:

Clements family

Here is Zach's first school picture. That was several years ago, when the family was living in Saverna Park, Md; the school was to St. Martin's in the Fields, an Episcopal school.  Zach's the third kid from the left in the back row (just under the word "Let.")

Clements family
Zach got a "motorcycle" for Christmas a few years back, and here is sharing it, if not too gracefully, with Nicholas. Clements family

Nicholas discovered how to raid our pantry for triscuits, and soon taught his cousin Mac Whitten the trick.

Clements family
Clements family

Katie and Zach:


And here's a picture of Zach at nursery school:

                                   Poppa and Nicholas enjoying a football game on TV : Go, Hokies!


Here are Katie and Nick in her kitchen. Note the bottle of Windex!

Clements family

Here are Katie (barely visible to the right) and her friend Julie at Wimbledon watching Venus Williams win her first round match. Of course that's Venus' mother and sister Serena sitting in the row behind them. Serena told Katie she looked familiar, and she was sure she had met her somewhere. Katie told her "Look, if I'd met you I guarantee you I would have remembered."

Clement's Christmas & Firenze, Dec. 2006

Katie and Bill