We had seven tickets for theTech-W&M game in September, so Christen and Miles came up from Richmond with the kids, Jimmy, Sarah and Mac. Here are some pix from the tailgate before the game, the game, and from home.

In the picture on the left, Christen, in shades, is sitting down and Sarah has her back to us. Next to it we see Kathy and Christen. Below, to the left, Miles and Jimmy (sitting) and, to the right, Mac:

Below, to the left, Kathy, Christen and Sarah. To the right, a serenade we got from some of the band members, courtesy of one of my students who plays mellophone in the Marching Virginians:

More pictures of the serenade:

We then walked over to watch the band and the corps march into the stadium:

Inside the stadium, near the end of the national anthem, there was a flyover:

Later, at home, the whole family gathered in the living room: