APRIL, 2008

We were in Lynchburg April 18 and 20 doing the supertitles for La Boheme, produced by opera on the James. The theater is small, and the orchestrea is placed behind the stage, partially concealed by a curtain. Here is a view with an anti cell-phone title visible. The tympanist in the excellent orchestra was James Richie, a junior at Blacksburg High School, and a sometime student of our son Feza.


There was a lovely reception after the Sunday afternoon performance at the incredible country estate of one of the opera patrons. Her are our director, Craig Fields and our Mimi, the splendid soprano Rachel Cobb at the reception:

One of the main reasons for the high quality of the orchestra playing  is the work of the orchestra manager, Mary Ann Archer, below, long time flautist with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra but now living in Farmville, VA where her husband Frank is a music professor at Hampden Sydney College. (Mary Ann is also on the music faculty, as a lecturer.)

Here are Raymond Ayers, Schaunard, to the left, his girl friend, also an opera singer (sorry, I didn't get her name) and Branch Fields, Colline. Branch, a Virginia Tech graduate in the same class our daughter Katie (he sang at their graduation) now lives in New York with his family, and sings regularly at New York City Opera. Kathy and I have worked with him in several operas, and know him and his family well.

Someone drove to the reception in a Rolls Royce convertible!
Note Kathy under the umbrella admiring the car.


Back home, we disccovered a pair of robins nesting on our new front porch. As I write this, the baby is big, and seems ready to fly. If we try to go on the porch now, Mama Robin attacks us!

Two days after Boheme, we left for Cleveland to do supertitles at Cleveland Inst. of Music. As always, we stayed with Heather and Feza. One evening, Todd Wilson biked over with his darling daughter Ruth. Todd, a distinguished organist, who teaches at CIM will be joining the music faculty at the University of Indiana.

Kathy and Feza chatting with Todd and Ruth:

Frodo enjoying a snooze:

Feza and Heather played at a benefit basnquet for Apollo's Fire
Saturday  night. Regrettably, Kathy and I ahd to work, so we
couldn't go.

Frodo moping the ackyard, knowing he's going to be
left alone that night.

Kathy and Feza enjoying a bottle of wine as dinner cooks
on the grill:

And this is what's grilling: Cornish game hens.
Heather outdid herself with the meal, which also
included polenta and asparagus.

Frodo seems to think there's something down in the
drain, so Heather held the grating for him, but
he didn't find anything (thank God!).

Almost time to go in and start on the red wine--
Barolo and Bordeaux.