Raleigh, Christmas, 2008

Kathy and I spent Christmas with Katie, Tim
and our grandchildren Zach and Nick (as well
as our grand dogs Buddy and Bo) in their
home in Raleigh, NC. We went back in February
to take care of the grandkids and granddogs
while Katie and Tim were on a business trip.
Here are a few pix:

TIm, Katie and Kathy in front of the Xmas tree:

Kathy and Tim in the front yard:

Kathy trying to remember where she hid that present:

Katie lookng at presents:

Zach and Nick, Katie and Kathy on the front porch:

Zach and Nick on the porch:

Tim with Zach and Nick in front of the tree:

Opening presents:

The tree:

Zach and Nick with their Mom:

Zach got a new skateboard for Xmas:

Zach with his Dad:

   The pictures below are from our trip back to Raleigh in February

Buddy and Bo love to play together:

Some shots of the Clements house:

Below is the sitting area they have in their kitchen:


They have a pair of lions flanking their front walk:

They also have a porch off the kitchen with a fireplace, a
grill, a TV...all the amenitites: