I flew to Ft. Collins to vist the Evan Zweifel family for a few days

(Kathy, who was planning to come, got sick and was unable

to make the trip). Here are some pictures:

First Bailey, my granddaughter, who will turn 18 in December,

is a senior in high school, and very interested in languages.

She already speaks Japanese (which she basically taught herself)

and French (which she learned in school) and was just finishing her

first German course (at the local community college) when I visited.

Her ambition is to be fluent in six languages by the time she's 21.

She also plays percussion in the band. Here she is sitting at the computer:

Bailey's brother, Spencer, just turned 14, is also in the band; he plays tuba. He is also quite an

accomplished pianist. While I was in Colorado, the summer band that Bailey and Spencer were

playing in gave an outdoor concert. (Bailey is standing in the back right, wearing shades.)

As for Spencer, how could you miss him? Here are some pictures of the concert, as well as

pictures of Spencer practicing the tuba at home:


Bailey and Spencer have a darling little dog, named Kayak. He just loves to cuddle:

In case you hadn't already guessed, that's Kelly, Bailey and Spencer's mom, holding Kayak

and sitting next to Spencer in three of the last four pix above. The last picture is Evan, our son

and Bailey's husband. He's a computer guru for Hewlett-Packard, and is seen at the keyboard.

Kelly's father taught her to play the uke when she was a child, and she stlll plays,

singing folk songs to her own accompaniment. She has a very nice voice, and also

plays piano. (She also is a good tennis player, and has taught Spencer the game;

he is now on the middle-school team.)

Evan took a day of work while I was there, and took me to the
mountains. (They live in Ft. Collins, a hop-skip-and-jump from
Estes Park.) We went all the way over the Divide, hitting some
bad weather along the way. Here are a few pix; you can see the
devastation wreaked on some to the trees at high altituide, either
by pollution or insects, I'm not sure which. (The tall wooden poles
by the sides of the road are guides for the snowplows, making
it possible for them to stay on the highway while plowing in the

I had flown to Denver from Raleigh, where we visited Katie and her family.
Our grandson Zachary is taklng up golf, and I accompanied him and his father,
Time, to the practice range. Zach, whi is 13,  has a good natural swing, as far as
I can tell, but he's so busy with soccer that he really has little time for golf: