Kathy and I went to visit our daughter and son-in-law, Katie and Tim, and family (Nick and Zach) at their home in Duck (Outer Banks, NC) in early August. Our daughter Christen was also there with he daughter Sarah and son Mac. (Her older son, Jimmy, had football practice, so he was in Richmond with his dad, Miles, who had to work that week.) We had a great time hanging out, eating great food and drinking fine wines. Here are a few pix.

Poor Sarah had been at Church camp the previous week, and picked up a case of pink-eye, so for a day or two she had to wear a patch:

(In the Pool she had to wear goggles)

Sarah, Christen and Katie went shopping and found a store selling dresses at bargain prices. They each bought a dress and put on a fashion show for us:


The boys loved their shades. First Zach, then the three blind mice:

The boys were also into break dancing and singing:


The first couple of days we were there we played pool, although Zach always beat me. Then the kids used blankets and spreads to turn the pool table into a fort, and the games ended:

Something seems to have amused Christen, and Mac wonders what it is:

Kathy keeping up with the news:

Kathy watching TV (note the wine glass) and playing with Nick:

Mom and daughters yakking in the kitchen:

Katie, playing with Nick and singing:
For reasons known only to himself, Nick decided to wear a Santa hat in August. Mac can't fathom it:
Katie in the kitchen and Nick staring at her:

Nick on the stairs. Note hot tub in background (although we didn't use it as Nature provided all the heat we needed).

 Nick and Mac beside the pool. Not how tanned Mac is.

A couple of profiles, Sarah and Zach:

As incredible as it seems, the only picture I have of Tim is his back (but he left to go back to London early):