After our visit to Firenze and Milano, we traveled to visit the Clements family in Sunningdale, a suburb of London near Ascot. We arrived on Jan. 27. Two days later Katie and Tim took off for Jamaica for his company's annual get-together, so we had a week of taking care of Zach and Nick. Here's Katie with the driver getting ready to leave for the airport (Tim had business in Canada before the meeting and so they met in Jamaica).

On Feb. 5 Katie and Tim returned and we had a week with them before  we left for 10 days in Germany, France and Switzerland (but mostly Germany). The Clements had just moved into their new house:

Here's the back:

Dining Room:

"Drawing room." (Did you know that "drawing room" is short for "withdrawing room;" it was originally the room to which the King withdrew from the throne room when he wanted some peace and quiet. In the US, of course, we refer to it as the "living room" or sometimes the "parlor." It was James II who invented the drawing room--one learns a lot from BBC.)

Two views of the kitchen (with the new table which arrived while we were there).

The guest bedroom that Kathy and I occupied:

Tim has a beautiful office:

Celebrating her safe return:

Katie brought Zach some Carribean headgear from Jamaica:

Couch potatoes:

Checking out the TV in the guest room:

I went to a couple of Zach's soccer games. He is really an exceptional player, far and away the best that I saw on the field:

Here he is with some teammates:

And huddling with the team:

Actually, the Clements' house abuts a schoolyard to the rear. The whole school turned out for a match one afternoon:

James and Catherine Gray are friends of Katie's and Tim's, and their three children, Jessica, Henry and Alexander are friends of Zach's and Nick's. (Last spring when we were visiting I took Zach and Alexander to a local theater's production of The Mikado which they seemed to enjoy. Zach kept asking when Katisha was going to display her lovely elbow.) Anyway, Henry and Jessica were over one afternoon to work on a puzzle we'd brought from Italy:

Finally, it was done:

When Catherine and James came over to pick up Jessica and Henry, the kids proudly showed of their accomplishment:


One of Nick's school friends, Bryce, came over to play. His mother Patricia Martin and sister Gabrielle came to pick him up, and stayed to socialize a little (everybody knows that the English are basically socialists).