Kathy and I traveled to Ascot to visit the Clements family from May 24-June 5. Among other things we attended the BMW golf tournament at Wentworth where we followed Ernie Els for awhile with his wife and two-year-old son. Katie had told Ernie that we were coming to watch him, and at one point he turned around and waved at us from the green. Unfortunately, Ernie didn't win; Angel Cabrera from Argentine come in first. And second was Paul McGinly, who lives down the street (Sunning Ave.) about 200 yds. from the Katie and Tim. As always, it was a great tournament to watch. Almost all of the best players (except those from the US) were there.

Here are some pictures of the Clements' house:

(That's Nick in his school uniform in front of the rhododendrons.)

Nick likes to help Dad with the barbeque:

Kathy and Katie in the kitchen:

One evening there was an impormptu get-together when some of Katie's and Tim's friends dropped in with their kids for a potluck supper. This is the back yard with Freddie McCootchy holding his sister Caroline's hand with Gabriel Martin in the background.

The mothers, Patricia Martin and Dawn McCootchy:

Dawn and Freddie eating:

Zach trying to get the remote from his dad, Tim, while Caroline McCootchy looks on.
This is the TV nook in the Clements's kitchen.

Apparently Zach managed to get control:

Caroline is still fascinated by the TV, but Freddie seems to be more interested in his book:

That's the redhead, Charlie McCootchy on the left talking to Gabriel Martin while Freddie's brother Charlie chomps away.

Here are two pictures of Patricia Martin with her husband, Paul, in the background:

Charlie and Zach, with Charlie's mom, Dawn, in the background:

Charlie and Nick:

Nick in a little tussle with Charlie:

Gramma Kathy loves to help Nick with his homework:

Waiting for the schoolbus, in uniform:

When Katie wasn't on the computer, she was on the phone:

Nick played on a basketball team, and practiced at home:

Zach, on the other hand, concentrates on soccer. He has a goal set up in the back yard and his dad recently bought him goalie gloves:

Sometimes a guy gets exhausted from all that playing:

One night some friends came by for champagne before going out to dinner:

Left to right: James and Catherine Gray, Kathy, Tim, Lorraine Heavey and Katie. Lorraine arrived at in a stunning new Bently coupe she had just acquired. The driver told me it would do 0-60 in 4.6 seconds! By the way, Kathy and I stayed behind after the reception to baby-sit while everyone else went to dinner. Another view of the reception:

Now that soccer season was over, Zach had more time to devote to baseball. The last Saturday we were in England we went to see him play in a  double-header. One inning he played catcher:

Another inning he was first-basman:

He got some hits. Here he is on first:

And second:

Before the game he took batting practice (he bats left, but does everything else right):

After the game the two teams greeted each other:

One of Nick's classmates, a little girl named Shannon, played on Zach's team, but she only batted (from a tee--the older kids had to face a pitcher). When her tream was in the field, Shannon spent her time playing with Nick.

This was our second trip to visit the Clements this year. For the first trip (in February) click here.