In September Kathy and I traveled to Portland Oregon for the International 

Transport Theory meeting. This series of biannual meerings, which I founded 

at Virginia Tech in 1969,  been going on for 42 years, and I have attended all 

but one of them. Although I had planned to end my paticipation in these meetings

four years ago, I was specially invited to present a talk in honor my coworker 

at the University of Michigan, the late Kenneth Case, and I of course accepted.

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Here are a few pictures.

My Florentine coworker, Gianni Frosali, and his wife, Gloria, 

both mathematicians:

Noel Corngold next to Gloria. Noel was a participant
in the first meeting of this series, in 1969
Noel is retired
from Cal Tech.

Norman McCormick who was one of my students at the
University of Michigan was there. He is retired from
a professorship at the University of Washington

The song "A Blacksburg luccica l'astro d'argento" with words by Carlo Cercignani
and Frosali was modified to "A Portland..." and sung by Gianni and myself, The tune
is "Santa Lucia."

For your information, here are the words to the original song:

One afternoon we were taken on a tour of the Columbia
River valley. The views were stunning:

We stopped at a museum perched high above the river:

And here are the Frosali's again:

The most interesting part of the tour was the
visit to a hydroelectric dam. These dams pervent
the salmon from reachng their spawning grounds
, and so special "fish ladders" are built
to enable them to swim around the dams. We were
able to see the salmon
. In addition, special pools
for sequestering various fish whose habitat is threatened
by the dam, in aprticular sturgeon. Here are a few pix:
(You may have to look hard to see the fish in the pools.)

Here are the sturgeon:

The salmon (and trout) in the ladder are easier to see:

We stayed at home during October and November
for a week in Cleveland where we did supertitles
Cendrillon. At home we had the pleasure of seeing
a large herd of deer enjoying the vegetation on our lots

across the street from our townhouse. We sat on our
screened-in porch and watched. The images are a little
hazy as they were shot through the screen.

Our friend, Jana Mosby (click here for her graduation pictures)

coaches a middle school volleyball team. Her team had a great year,
undefeated in the regular season. We went ot one of her games with
her mother, Brenda. Her are some pix:

Below you see Jana, in pink:

Later in the fall we went to the Greenbrier for lunch one day.
The lunch was unexceptional, but the flowers were spectacular!

On Dec. 5 we flew to Firenze for a three week stay, renting
our old apartment on Via Santa Margerita. The streets were
decorated for Christmas; in particular the department store
Rinascente was completely covered with lights:

The carousel was right across Piazza della Republica from Rinascente:

As usual, many of ourn social life centered around St. James
Church, where I served as choir director 21 years ago!
Joan Yakkey sang in the choir sporadically. Here she is
directing her own girls' choir at the church.

Here Joan is with Kathy in our apartment:

The usual Christmas gala was held in December. All the
pews are taken out of the church, and tables put in. All sorts
of delicious food is served, and there is entertaintment.
This year it consisted of exhibitions of various raptor birds
(falcons, owls, etc) and music by the Gospel Choir. First the birds:

The Gospel Choir:

Here's what the church looked like before the people arrived:

Riccardo Foti, who was my organist when I was choir director at
St. James, is still organist and still doing a splendid job. (And the
church now has a wonderful new organ.)

We visited with Timothy Chaplin (a member of the tenor section
of my choir) and his daughtert Livia. Timothy's wife Diane was away,
in the U.S.  visiting her ill mother (who actually died during the visit).
Timothy and Livia took us out to dinner at a local restaurant which
was holding a Turkish night, with approprite food and an exhibition
of belly dancing:

(What is Kathy thinking?) Below, Kathy and Livia in the Chaplin's
apartment., which was being remodeled:

Livia with her father:

Here is Kathy petting the boar at the famous boar's market:

We had several meals with our old friend Horace Gibson (he was
also a member of the tenor section in my choir). Horace is now
92 years old, but seems 20 years younger. This picture was
taken in his apartment:

For some unknown reason, there were a couple of new
Ferraris parked in Piazza della Republica one day that
were available for rides, at an astronomical price:

As usual, we had several meals at our favorite restaurant, Blue:

A couple of views of our apartment:

And of course, we had to go to the Ponte Vecchio:

We ended our visit enjoying drinks in the bar of the
Saavoy Hotel, where Katie and Christen stayed last
year when the came to celebrate Katie's birthday.
Click here to learn about that trip. Here we are at
the bar with Timothy and Livia: