We certainly had a busy April, what with four preformances of Figaro for Opera Roanoke (including a runout to Charlottesville); two performances of Pagliacci, plus a reherasal, in Lynchburg; and three performances plus two rehearsals of a concert of opera excerpts in Cleveland. In between we had a couple of days to visit Hornell and to see Gramma Kay's grave for the first time. (Gramma Kay, Kathy's mother, died last May.) Here are Kathy and her sister Susan Argentieri at the grave and at the adjacent graves of their great grandfather and grandmother, the Wallaces.

We went to the Argentieri's house later to meet Walter and Kelly Argentieri, Susan and Walt's son and daughter-in-law and Walter and Kelly's darling children, Lea, age 3, and Sam, age 6. We brought them Va Tech sportswear, which they insisted on wearing right away:

Susan got a computer for Christmas, but Lea and Sam both know more about operating it than Susan does:

Lea with her grandmother:

Here's Kathy with her nephew Walter:

And with her grand-niece Lea. Lea calls her "Aunt Kathy" and calls me "Aunt Paul." She has something very much in common with her second cousin Sarah Whitten: always smiling.

Sam with his grandmother:

Walter and Kelly:

All the grownups were treated to dinner and lots of wine at the Italian Villa; dinner courtesy of Walt Argentieri, Susan's husband, and wine courtesy of Walt and Kelly Sorry, no pix. Earlier Kathy and I had lunch at the Collegiate Restaurant in Alfred, where Kathy went to college. Here she sitting under her sorority paddle, which is still hanging in the restaurant (too many) years later:

From Hornell we drove to Cleveland and stayed at with Feza, Heather and Frodo while doing the supertitle thing at the Cleveland Inst. of Music. Just a few pix:

Feza and Heather will both be teaching at the Ferrum music camp in June, and Kathy and I will be taking care of Frodo.
Before we left home the lilac bush in abck of our house (Katie and Christen gave it to Kathy as a present a few years ago) was in full bloom:

Kathy was so pleased, as last year it didn't bloom at all. The front yard was ablaze with azaleas: