After two graduations in May, we had two more in June. First we went
to Raleigh for our grandson Nick Clements' graduation from fifth grade (next year
he'll be in middle school) and then to Midlothian to see another grandson,
Jimmy Whitten, graduate from high school. Jimmy has a scholarship for next year
to study pharmacology at the Unversity of South Carolina. These pix show the
grads filing into their seats; in the bottom two Nick can be seen. Note how dressed
up all the kids are. The school is Ravenscrot, an excellent private day school in
Raleigh. Among its illustrious grads is Duke basketball star Ryan Kelly. (His mother
is the headmistress of Ravenscroft incidentally.)

The audience was treated to some violin music as well as choral singing before
the commencement exercises get underway. You can see Nick in the chorus
if you look at the bottom picture, upper middle:

Here's Nick, with his mother, Katie, at the post-graduation reception. At the bottom, Kathy with Tim, Nick's father
before the grads marched in:

The next week we were in Richmond (Midlothian, really) for Jimmy's high-school graduation (Katie and Nick were there
as well). Friday night there was a gradutation party thrown by Jimmy's parents, Christen and Miles Whitten at their home.
It so happened that Jimmy's brother, Mac, had his 11th birthday the same day as Jimmy's graduation, so we had a double
celebration. First the party sign. There is an "s" on the word GRAD that the camera didn't pick up, as Jimmy's girl friend
Kaitlyn was also graduating. She is headed to VCU next year (Virginia Commonwealth University). Here she is, sitting next
to Jimmy. Below, Jimmy alone and posing with his two proud grandmothers, Kathy Zweifel and Sarah Jo Whitten.

Jimmy's mother Christen had to don glasses to keep track of all the delicious food she was
preparing such as a fruit salad, a buffet and a cake. (I think the cake was bought, actually.)

Jimmy's grandfather, another Jimmy Whitten, with Jimmy's sister Sarah. Kathy with Jimmy's Aunt Katie.
(Kathy seems to have swallowd the wrong way or something.) Below, Aunt Katie with Jimmy and Katie
with her sister Christen.

Kathy with Jimmy's Aunt Gray and Uncle Chip (Gray is the sister of Jimmy's father,
Miles Whitten). Next, Jimmy getting dressed for graduation. That's his dad in the background.
Below a couple of pix in his robes, one with his grandparents. Note the honor ribbons. Like
his cousin Bailey, Jimmy is an excellent student. (Has has also had his hair cut since this
pic was taken.)

The first pic of Mac, to the left, shows him eating a piece of the graduation cake. The next day he
got his own ncake, for his 11th birthday. Jimmy and Nick look on as he tries to blow out the candles.
Below, Mac is surrounded by his grandmothers at the graduation party (I think the little girl in the background
is Kaitlyn's sister), In the fourth pic, Mac succeeds in blowing out the candles,

Finallly we went to the graduation which was in the VCU basketball arena. The thermometer
on the top of the building read 102 degrees when we arrived. Thank goodness the arena is
air-conditioned. We first see the grads arriving, then in their places. The choir sang during the
ceremony. Note the large number of grads in the choir. (I had to do the same thing when I graduated
from high school, i.e. sing in the choir in my cap and gown.) If you look closely you'll see
Saarah in the choir, back row, sixth from left. Finally, a picture of the grads walking across the
stage to receive their diplomas. Jimmy is on the stage, but I was too far away to get a recognizable
shot of him.