Kathy's Surprise Birthday Party, Dec. 29, 2011

The party was held on Kathy's birthday at the River Company,
a restaurant near our house. Our friend, Jana Mosby, is banquet
manager at the restaurant, and took care of all the arrangements
(this was all done while we were still in Italy).

We had a dinner in the lower level of the restaurant. I told Kathy
that I nwas talking her out to dinner; Jana met us at the door and said
she wanted to show us something downstairs. We followed her down the
staisrs and when she opened the door to the banquet room, there were
ourn daughers, Christen Whitten and Katie Clements with their families
as well as four couples who are friends of ours. To say Kathy was surprised
is an understatement.  She had no inklng that our daughters and their
families were in town!

That's Christen to her right and Katie to her left.

Then Kathy got emotional, and started crying, for happiness:

Christen's husband Miles was there and two of her three children,l
Sarah and Mac. (Jimmy was in New York with friends.) Katie's husband
Tim was there as were both of her children, Zach and Nick. Unfortunately
my camera died as I took the first picture, so I have depended on pictures
that Christen and Katie sent me. Almost all are of the family, most of the other
guests not appearing. Here I have joined the three ladies. That's the back of
Jana's head on Christen's right:

The big picture below shows Zach Clements with me smiling at the three
ladies just after our arrival. The smaller picture was taken later.


Kathy gets a big hug from Miles. In the background you can
see Lura Alice Robertson; she and her husband Richard
are our neighbors and were guests at the party.

Some miscellaneous pix:

Below you can see Sarah between Katie and her mother, Christen:

Katie's son Nick:

Here Is Nick again, with his mother Katie and brother Zach:

Sarah joins her two cousins:

As you can see, the abnquet room was still decorated
for Christmas:

Christen with daughter Sarah and son Mac:

Here Christen's husban Miles joins the rest of his family:

Zach and his father Tim join the Miles and Christen:

Here I am with Katie. Jana is in the background:

Here is Richard Robertson with Maria Fellin. Maria's husband
Gene, is the retired head of the Radford music department
and Richard is a retired physician. Maria ia a native Italian
and Gene is a first-generation, like myself. By the way, the
wine of choice was a Brunello that I supplied from our wine cellar.

More pix of the kids:

Of course there was a brithday cake:

Here is a closeup of the cake:

Part of the celbration of Kathy's birthday was a trip to New York where
we visited with our friends form Stonington, CT, the Montgomery's. We
all went to the Metropolitan Opera to see The Enchanted Island (don't
bother). Ginger Montgomery also has gotten tickets for us to see the
9/11 memorial. Here are a few pictures of the memorial. The first shows
Kathy and me with Bob Montgomery beside one of the pools that was built
in the footprint of the buildings that were destroyed. On the side of the pools is
a list of the first-responders who were killed that day.:

Below is a better view of the pool, showing some of the names.
In the backgorund, construction underway of a museum.

After visiting the memorial, we went to one of our favorite
restaurants, Balthazar's for lunch. Friday, the day we went,
they have boulliabaisse, which is to die for!

Finally, our last night in New York we caught up with our old friend
and colleague, Mitchell Feigenbaum i(Mr. Chaos) in his apartment.
He seems to be getting on o.k. He certainly looks the same:

That's all folks!