MARCH, 2008

We spent the last week of February doing supertitles for The Magic Flute at Cleveland Inst. of Music. Here is Kathy catching a little shut-eye in the back of the auditorium before rehearsal:

This is what the stage looked like. The three ladies are admiring Tamino's good looks in the first scene.


Meanwhile, back at the usual we stayed with Heather, Feza and, below, Frodo:

He's so sweet, looking out the window as he keeps Heather company:

For Easter we went to Spartanburg, SC, my home town,  and visited Frank and Beth Bartel. Frank was my best friend in high school and is a retired pediatrician. Beth (below) and Frank entertained Feza when Proteus Seven peformed in Spartanburg last October.

Kathy and Beth discussing the latest recipes. They are both almost-professional cooks:

The Bartels have a fantastic collection of sterling silver; this is only part of it. How they keep it all polished is beyond me:

Beth in the kitchen:

Frank relaxing:

Christen, Miles and the kids went skiing at Snowshoe over Easter,
but stopped by our house for a couple of days on the way home. They got tickets to see Tech play Mississippi in the quarter-finals of the nit, the winner to go to Madison Square Garden. Unfortunately, Tech lost.
Here is Mac, waiting to eat spagehettin limone, a recipe Kathy learned when she studied at the Dantae Alighieri cooking school in Firenze.

Christen and Jimmy:


Sarah found something funny:

Jimmy is as bored as usual:

Kathy has something on her mind. Chi sa cos'e'?

Here is Chrsten, somewhat bemused:

And Miles, helping out in the kitchen as all good husbands do:

Mac excited about going to see the Hokies: