AND CHRISTEN'S BIRTHDAY, MAY, 2011

May was a busy month for us. First we traveled to Richmond to help Christen

celebrate her birthday ( a ltittle early). We also got a chance to take in some of 

Sarah's tennis matches. She won two and lost two, and unfortunately did not

advance to District. Wait till next year, when she'll be a junior! Here Christen is with

mini cake, in a restaurant, and next to it her big cake at home, as Sarah looks on:

Below, Christen getting out of her car, and at the tennis match, wearing shades. Unfortunately, the construction of the
courts was such (surrounded by wire mesh) that I got no pix of the tennis itself.

Something is amusing Sarah in this pic, but I'm not sure what. She can't see out of the cell to view Mac in his new
Boy Scout uniform, so that can't be it. Note that Christen is not amused. Below we see Jimmy delivering Christen's cake,
and next to him Christen and her three kids admiring the cake.

Below Jimmy is taking a pic while Mac seems to be amused at whatever his father is reading. Next to them is
Kathy in the same restaurant in which we saw Christen in the first picture above, meaning that this portion of the
report has come full circle.

 The next week was Radford University's graduation. Our friend and coworker (on supertitles),
Jana Mosby, graduated and, in fact, gave the keynote speech for her college. Afterwards we hosted a
party at our house for Jana and her friends and family. I attended the graduation ceremonies and
got some pix, but Kathy was obliged to be out of town that morning. She got home in time to enjoy
some of the party. Below we see some of the grads milling around; Jana delivering her speech;
Jana receiving her diploma from the Dean; and Jana getting congratulated by her father.

Below, Jana in her robes with one of the Radford faculty; Jana and her mother;
Jana with her mother and father; and with her mother and one of her brothers.

Jana putting on her shades; another brother; her littlest friend; and four ot her volleyball
buddies (Jana is a big volleyball player and coach).  Note the champagne glasses; prosecco was
the beverage of choice.

We actually had house guests that weekend; Lib Smith and Nelson Hall were friends
of mine from Spartanburg High School (class of 1945, believe it or not). Lib's granddaughter
was graduating from Radford also. She and Nelson got there for the end of the party, about the same
time that Kathy did. Pix of Kathy with Jana and me, and Kathy with Lib and Nelson. Lib, Nelson and I all
lived within 100 yds of each other on Otis Blvd. in Spartanburg. I've known them since 1936.

Our next excursion was to Ft. Collins, CO where our granddaughter Bailey was graduating from Poudre (in Ft. Collins it's
mispronounced "Pooder") High. She was in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, which meant there were two
graduations. The IB ceremonies were held in the high school, the regular graduation the next night in the CSU basketball
arena. The IB ceremony had more substance; each graduate (there were 90 of them!) gave a short speech, and in addition
informatiion abour each was displayed prior to the cermony in a slide show. Here is Bailey's:

It gives the title of her senior theses: "The soul, death and art: an inquirey
into the themes and their use in the the opera The Tales of Hoffmann"
by Jacques Offenbach. It also announces that Bailey won a scholarhip to the
Univ. of Chicago. She will enroll in September as a student of linguistics.
She already speaks Japanese and French, and has a good start on German.

Here are some pix from the Evan-Kelly homestead taken before during and
after the two graduation ceremonies: First we see Evan and their sweet dog, Kayak.
In the second row Spencer is playing the piano, whioh he does extremely well.
His mother loves to sing to his accompaniment.

Spencer is also an excellent tuba player. Seeing him standing next to Kathy,
you can see how tall he is at 14:

He is also on the school track team, competing in the hurdles and the high jump. Here's
a picture of the track I took before a fierce T-storm drove us home. So unfortunately
I didn't get any competition pix of Spence, but he did all right at the meet, surpassing
his previous personal bests in both events. There's also a pic of Bailey holding her
graduation gown prior to leaving for the ceremony. Below, the entire IB graduating class
and some of the students, including Bailey, onstage to present their speeches:
(Bailey is to the far right of the pic.)

Some pix taken at the reception after the ceremony:

Bailey, happy that's it's over. In the second pic you can see the

various stoles, ribbons, medals, etc. each representing some type

of academic honor. Below are pictures from the main high-school

graduation the next night. FIrst, the orchestra as it played before

the procession and then the processional itself: (The orchestra

has just finished, and you can see the seniors who are in the

orchestra leaving to join the procession of grads.)

Finally, all the grads standing to recieve their official graduation pronouncement

and their actually receiving their dipllomas. They speeded things up by having

two lines converging on two diploma dispensers. And, at the very bottom,

Bailey with her mother, father and brother after the ceremony.