In what amounted to an ad hoc family reunion, Nick's parents Lisa (Argentieri) Oley and her husband Keith thhrew a high-school graduation party at their home in Richmond for their son Nicholas. We went along with the Whittens, Miles, Christen, Jimmy, Sarah and Mac. In addition Lisa's parents Susan and Walt Argentieri were there from Hornell, NY along with Lisa's brother and sister-in-law Walter and Kelley Argentieri and their children Sam and Lea. Lisa's sister Gina and her husband Jim along with their son Jacob were there from Rochester as were sister Toni DeLettura and husband Rick,

daughter Katie and son Joe. Plus lots of Keith's relatives from Richmond as well as lots of friends of the family. We were really happy to be able to go and to see so many family members, and to wish Nick well in his future career (he'll be starting college in West Virginia in the fall). We also gt a chance to see Nick's brother Vincent, but sister Amanda, recently out of the service, was unable to come from California, where she's living these days.

Toni with Miles and Jimmy Whitten:

Gina with Aunt Kathy:

Sarah Whitten with her father Miles behind her and brother Mac squeezing in between them. That's Rick DeLettura to the right:

Sam Argentieri playing ping pong with his second cousin Jimmy Whitten as Mac Whitten looks on:

Left to right, Paul and Kathy Zweifel, Walt Argentieri and Keith Oley's brother.

Keith's mother Matilda, Walter Argentieri and his mother Susan and Miles Whitten:

Paul and Kathy:

Susan Argentieri with two of her kids Lisa and Walter and Miles Whitten:

To give you an idea of the crowd:

Susan, Kathy and Sarah Whitten:

Paul and Gina sitting while Kelley Argentieri takes pictures. Click here for Kelley's (and my) slide shows:

Kathy with Toni; to the left is a friend of Lisa's whose name I didnt get:

Sisters Lisa and Gina:

Who are all these girls:

Gina, Christen, Sarah, Toni and Katie (aka Kathryn Rose).
Gina, Christen and Sarah are cousins while Sarah and Katie are second cousins.

Keith with his m.i.l. Susan:

Somehow I managed to worm my way in with the girls as Kathy looks on disapprovingly:

Left to right, Kelley, Christen, Sarah, Kathy, Toni, Gina, Katie and Lisa.

And here, in a slightly different order:

The next generation, Sam Argentieri to the left:


Lisa and Kathy:

Miles eating kabob. (By the way, the food was fabulous, including barbecue, ribs, etc. and a fabulous carrot cake):


Lisa with Nicholas:

Lisa with her son Nicholas and husband Keith:

Nicholas and Aunt Toni:

Vincent Oley, Nicholas' younger brother:

Lisa with brothe Walter and father Walt;

Miles with daughter Sarah: