Fall, 2009

Kathy and I traveled to Stonington, CT in October to do supertitles at four
pefromances of Die Fledermaus (plus two high-school runouts). Two of the perfromances were in the usual venue os Salt Marsh Opera (Westerly, RI) and two were in the new and beautriful Katharine Hepburn Theater in Old Saybrook, CT.
Eisenstein was sung by an old friend, tenro Joel Weiss whose wife,
soprano Kelly Hogan, was  in the audience whenever she could get awau
from the Met, where she was singing at the same time.

Here is a picture of the stage in Westerly and below a runout:

As usual we were hosted by our dear friends Bob and Ginger Montgomery.
On a free Saturday we drove far into the country, acconpanied by an old friend
of theirs who had come to town for the opera (and who hosted the lunch, by the way.). We had lunch at a quaint typical New England restaurant surrounded by lakes, old, old house and fields full of donkeys:

Kathy and Ginger outside the restaurant. In the background the friend.

When we were through in Connecticut we returned to Virginia. Timothy Chaplin, our good friend from Firenze flew over to see the Hokies tromp Miami (depsite
living in Italy and being British, Timothy is a fantastic football fan, especially of the Hokies. In his honor, Pres. Steger gave us seats in his private box which was
lucky, as the weather was miserable. Here are some pictures from the game.

The entrance to the stadium (not the umbrella):

Some views of the crowd, before, during and after the game:

All the above pictures were short from the president's box, as were the
following. The first shows Timothy gazing down on hioi polloi, the sedond the tech soccer field:

Before the game the band paraded, as usual, despite the rain.
Particularly interesting were the Sousaphones and percussion:

Of course, Timothy had some time to relax on our back porch before and after the game. (He spent about four days with us before returning to Firenze the day after the game.) Here he is with Kathy: