Kathy and I spent a weekend in Richmond to visit our daughter and
son-in-law, Christen and Miles Whitten and to take in their son Jimmy's
game Friday night and therit other son, Mac's, game Saturday night.
Jimmy has been starting QB on his high school team for the past
three years, he's 18 and a senior, and Mac, who is 10 is just starting
out. Click here to read a newspaper story about Jimmy's game.

Here are some pictures taken at the game. It was an away game, at
Huegenot High School, who were celebrating homecoming. (Too bad
they lost 21-6 thanks to Jimmy's three TD passes.) Here are the
King and Queen getting out of the fancy car they were driven around
the field in:

Here's the game in progress. Jimmy's team, the Midlothian Trojans
(where did they ever come up with that name?) are in white:

Mac's game was played the next night, under a beautiful full moon,
the so-called hunter's moon, the one following the harvest moon.
Unfortunately his team lost a close game, but he played both ways,
at left tackle. Below are a couple of pix of the game, plus one of
Mac out of uniform:

All the rest of the pix were taken at the Whitten's house. In the first
two you will see Sarah with her boyfriend, Adam, (who is also
on the football team) as well as Jimmy out of uniform.  
These three all gave up a Saturday night to come
to their little brother's ball game, showing something very
admirable about the Whitten family!

By the way, Sarah is also an athlete--she's a stalwart
of her high school's tennis team. All three kids come
by their athletic ability naturally--their mother ran track
in high school and their father was a fullback for the same
team that Jimmy quarterbacks.

Below Kathy Christen and Sarah, mother, daughter and
grandaughter, and all, if I may say so, beauties! Miles
also appears in the mix; he's the type of good husband
who does his share of the work around the house, as the
picture shows:

Miles' parents came over to visit Saturday afternoon. His mother
ihas a little trouble walkikng, so she skipped Jimmy's football game
although his father was there. (The problem was that, since it was
an away game for the Trojans, there was a long walk, with lots
of stairs, to get to the visitors' side of the field.) We all sat on
the screened-in porch, enjoying the pleasant October weather.