Kathy and I went to Raleigh over Memorial day weekend to 
attend Nick's end-of-year concert at Ravenscroft school
(he was in the chorus as well as the recorder band) and then
to go to Vincent Oley's graduation party. Kathy is Vincent's
great aunt.
Here are some pictures.

Here are a couple of shots of the Auditorium:

In this one the chorus has come on stage:

Here you can see Nick in the chorus. (Second row, third from left.)

In this one he's sixth from left:

Here's the orchestra: (The chorus is sitting in front, waiting to come on.)

Here are the recorder players getting ready to play with the orchestra.
Nick's in there somewhere, but I'm not sure just where.

Recorders plus chorus:

Something is amusing Kathy on the way to Vincent's party.

Probably she's laughing at Zach's clowning:

Below are pictures from the party; almost all of
those pictured are realtives of Kathy's:

The newest Argentieri is sitting on my lap. She is
Ava, Kathy's grand-niece. She's happy all the time.

Ava's mother. Kelly, wife of Walter Argentieri, son of Kathy's sister
Susan. Below, Kelly and our daughter Christen Whitten:

And here is Susan with her granddaughter Ava and
below that, with her sister Kathy:

Here are a couple of pictures of Lea, Ava's big sister.
She's another sweetie-pie, also always smiling:

Here's Walter Argentieri, father of Ava, Lea and Sam (to be
seen later)  with his father Walt his first cousin

Sam: (That's the guest of honor Vincent in the background.)

Here's a better shot of Vincent holding his cake with his
mother, Lisa Oley, Susan's and Walt's daughter and,
ipso facto, Kathy's niece.

Vincent again, with his grandmother Susan:

Susan with daughter Toni and Toni's hsuband, Rick DeLettera. 
I hope I got the spelling right.)

Kathy and Susan surround Toni and her sister Gina:

A couple of shots of Susan's huband, Walt Argentieri:

With Christen and Lea:

This is Katie Argentieri, Toni's daughter (hence Susan's
granddaughter and Kathy's great niece), Christen's
first cousin once removed. Below her second
cousin Jimmy, Christen's son. Ava, in the picture
with Jimmy, is her first cousin. Confusing, isn't it?

Jimmy and Vincent, also second cousins:

First cousins, Christen and Gina:

Toni sitting with her husband Rick as her brother-in-law
(Gina's husnabd) Jim looks on:

In this picture Susan has taken over from Jim: