Visit to the Whitten's March 24-26, 2006

We went for a short visit, mainly to see Jimmy's lacrosse game (they won 20-4) but also for Kathy to get in a little shopping with Christen. And we all went out to dinner at Brio's, one of our favorite Italian restaurants. (It's a chain, and we usually eat there when we're in Cleveland.) We have just a few pix.

Christen and Miles in their living room:

I think Jimmy below is hiding his face on purpose:


Mad and Sarah like to eat at the counter in the following impressionistic shot:

The rest of the pix, below, were all taken at the lacrosse game. Jimmy is number seven in green. Note the disparity in size between the teams, perhaps accounting for the blowout:

(Jimmy is in green in the right foreground above.)