Visit to the Clements' May 2006

Katie and Tim threw a cookout party for some families while we were there. Above is their dog Buddy playing with a visiting dog named Raven. Below Zach is playing basketball with one of the visiting girls:

Buddy loves to play soccer with Tim and the kids:

The kids ate on the patio:

More pictures of Buddy:

The grownups had their wine on the patio before turning it (the patio, not the wine) over to the kids:

The kids who weren't playing basketball or soccer played on the trampoline:

(That's Nick with his friend above, next to the trampoline.) Somewhere along the line, Nick latched on to a pair of earphones:

After everybody left, Nick went upstairs to watch TV:

And Kathy was exhausted after helping clean up:

And the Clements zonked out: