In October, Kathy and I were in Stonington, CT doing the supertitles for a production of The Barber of Seville by Salt Marsh Opera. Here is a view of the interior of the opera house (it's small):

From Stonington we drove to Charlotte to fly to London, where we went to the World Match-Play  Golf Championships at Wentworth. The best day was Wednesday, durng the pro-am, when Kathy, Katie and I camped out by the twelfth green and had a chance to interact with the golfers, close up. As usual, Ernie Els greeted us warmly, and Kathy got her hug from him. (Ernie looks a lot younger since he got his hair cut):

More pix of Ernie (who, incidtentally won the championship; first prize 1,000,000 pounds--over $2 million):

We saw a lot of other players, too, like Henrik Stenson and his famous caddy Fanny Sundelson (I hope I spelled that right):

And, of course, Colin Montgomery (who lost to Ernie in the first round):

Angel Cabrera lost to Ernie in the finals:

Jerry Kelly once stayed with Kathy's brother and s.i.l., John and Jean McKay when he was playing in a
junior tournament, when they lived in Hudson, OH:

Retief Goosen was there (twice U.S. Open champion, but he did nothing in this tournament):

Also "friendly" Rory Sabatini who recently had a spectator ejected from a tournament for givng him some good-natured ribbing. Notice he's signing an autograph, but he refused to sign a picture that an amateur photographer had taken of him, for his own personal use:

Paul Casey (defending champ) and Predraig Harrington (2007 British Open champion):

Woody Austin and his caddy:

Besides watching golf, we were entertained royally by Katie and Tim, first at a dinner party with one of  Tim's coworkers and his wife. (They also took us to dinner at the Wentworth Club):

Saturday we went to Zach's soccer game instead of the golf. (By then there were only two matches goiong on, all the other players having been eliminated, so it was very, very crowded. We watched it on BBC--no commercials!) Zach's team won handily over a well-regarded opponent. Zach played the first half in goal, where he made several great saves, and the second half on attack, scoring a goal. Here he is in goal:

The team getting advice from the coach (Zach's at the far right):

Kathy and I, Katie and Tim and Nick were all at the game:

The day before we left, Katie's friend Catherine cam over with her really cute baby, who was celebrating her first birthday the next day: