Visit to Sunningdale and Firenze,
Dec. 7, 2006-Jan. 15, 2007
We flew to London Dec. and spent several days visting the Clements. Zach is a soccer star, and I went to his game Saturday morning where he had one goal and one assist.

Here is Tim with Nigel and Athenee, parents of Harrison, the other star of the game who scored two goals. Below are some pictures of the game. Can you pick Zach out?

(He's facing you in both of the above pictures.)

Above, he's in the middle, about to take a pass and score a goal on a  breakaway.

Katie and Tim had a red carpet laid down for the party, and Santa's sleigh in the yard:

Here's what the sleigh looked like the night of the party:

Mrs. Santa was in charge of one of the champagne posts:

Of course, there was more than one. This is in the marquee, or tent, that they put up in the back yard. The ceiling was covered with little luminous stars, to give the impression of being outside:

There were a couple of chefs busy in the kitchen:

Katie, ready for her guests in front of one of the three Christmas trees.

And below, Katie and Tim and then Kathy and Paul:

Tree and stars on the marquee:

The day after the party Katie and Tim were trying to catch their breath:

Kathy and I left for Firenze on Dec. 13, where we celebrated Christmas. But on the 27th Katie and Tim along with Zach and Nick flew over for Kathy's birthday (Dec. 29). Here they are arriving at their hotel:

And here's Katie relaxing in our apartment:

Zach and Nick stayed with us for two nights, and spent a lot of time writing and drawing:

And of course, playing cards:

And just schmoozing:

We had a wine-tasting one dinner time in the apartment:

But for Kathy's birthday, Tim and Katie took us out to a lovely restaurant they'd discovered on the other side of the Arno. It was called "Il Santo Bevitore," i.e. "The sacred drinker." And the wines were fabulous. We drank a 1999 Brunello and a 1996 Barolo, both fabulous.

We liked the restaurant so much that we took most of or Florentine friends there for a dinner a couple of nights before we left. Pictures further down this page.

Some more pictures from the apartment: (Everyone's watching Italian TV.)