Kathy and I visited the Clements in Sunningdale May 20-27, partly to see
the BMW golf tournament at Wentworth, which we've been attending for
years, and partly to bid adieu to Sunningdale, as the Clements are moving to Raleigh this summer.

My camera malfunctioned, so all the pictures I have were taken by Katie.
First, there was a rare snowstorm in Sunningdale during the winter (not while we were there) and the dogs, Buddy and Beau, really loved it:

(I'm not sure what this picture is supposed to represent. It's entitled "Snow angel.")

Tim and Beau:

Zach's soccer team won the championship. (This happened before we got
there, so we didn't get to see the game):

Zach was one of the mvp's:

Beau didn't particularly enjoy his bath:

Buddy and his buddy (Beau):

Buddy playing tennis:

This is what the expression "hangdog" signifies:

Mother and daughter:

Mother and son (Nick):

Flower child:

Zach as a flower child:

Zach love his grandmother:

And his grandfather:

But he loves Buddy the best:

Buddy is taking it all in:

Nick grinning:

And showing his abs:

Nick and Zach spent a lot of time practicing soccer in the
back yard. Here is Nick in goal:

Here he makes a great save on Zach:

And here he takes a shot himself:

And here he is dribbling:

Zach shooting:

And in goal:

All this practice is so tiring:

Nick got pooped as well:

When the action slows down, Zach gets bored:

Kathy sat on the patio, watching the kids at soccer,
and then she tried it herself:

There are lovely rhododendra in the back yard:

Nick is a little devil:

Who dat?

Basta cosi!