Kathy and I, along with the Clements and the Whittens spent Thanksgiving in Duck, at the Clemetnts' beach house. Althougth it was too cold to swim, we were able to walk on the beach and look at the waves. Here are some pix.

Chrtisten, Kathy and Katie in the kitchen.

Christen's husband Miles sneaking up to see what's going on:

Mac checking out his Mom while Zach is preoccupied with something else.

Christen's daughter Sarah joins the three older ladies:

Jimmy Whitten daydreaming:

Jimmy and Katie:

Kathy and Katie relaxing:

Kathy and Zach relaxing:

Tim relaxing. Katie must be watching TV:

Miles, Kathy and Tim solving the world's problems:

You tak the high road (Miiles) and I'll tak the low road (Sarah):

The kids love scrabble. Here I (Paul) am playing with Nick and Zach.
Nick won.

Katie, Miles, Christen and Sarah at the pool table, another favorite pastime.

Nick goes crazy playing pool:

Zach and Mac prefer video games.

Jimmy wonders what Zach is up to:

Another game of scrabble:

What did Kathy forget? Christen wonders.

Tim looking suspiciously. What's going on?

Sarah doesn't want her picturen taken. Or is she just trying to avoid
watching Zach eat?

We tinally got Sarah to show her face:

Exercise time:

What's going on here? A good view of Zach's rectum:

Kathy stuffing the turkey:

The finished product:

Miles carving:

At table: (Check the Chablis premier cru.)

Zach helped set the table:

That's all folks!