Zachary Clements' 11th Birthday
Zach turned eleven on Sept. 21, and Kathy and I journeyed to Raleigh
where the Clements are now living to join in the celebration. Also on hand were the Whittens, Christen and Miles and their three children,
Jimmy, Sarah and Mac. We were there for two days, and got to watch VA Tech beat UNC (on TV) in an exciting come-from-behind three-point victory before going out to a restaurant for the birthday celebration. Here are some pix from the weekend.

First we went to Zach's soccer game, where he played his usual
exemplary game. leading his team to victory while scoring a goal.
his jersey is number 3:

Among the enthusiastic spectators, his grandmother:

We hung out in the Clements' new house, watching the
Tech-UNC  game and gabbing until it was time to go to the
restaurant for Zach's  birthday party. Her is Katie fixing lunch
in the kitchen with Miles, Christen and Kathy helping.

Miles and Mac horsing around:

Miles and Tim watching football:

Nick and Jimmy:

Zach and Jimmy, as Miles looks on disapprovingly:

Zach and Nick:

Jimmy, Miles and Christen watching the gaqem:

Soon the limo arrived to take us all to the restaurant:

Sarah joined the four boys for this picture:

Inside the limo. The adults had champagne, the kids
sparkling cider. That's io with Tim and Nick:

Some scenes at the restaurant. Christen, Miles, Sarah,
and in the background Mac:

Sarah, Mac, Nick, Zach and Tim:

What's going on here?

And here? Jimmy seems bored by all the hullabaloo:

Finally, the birthday cake arrived, and then the party